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Unleashing Your Body’s Natural Potential

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Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

Action Potential Chiropractic is located in 12 Montrose Place, Pye’s Pa, and managed by Dr Robert Higginbotham, BSc.BChiro.,  a former critical care nurse, psychologist and sole chiropractor for the clinic.

People from all walks of life come to the clinic,  and present with a broad range of medical or emotional problems. Our goal is to help them return to their natural state of optimal health and well-being.

The nervous system’s job is to maintain health, but if it encounters any chemical, structural or environment disruptions, this can result in illness. Chiropractic adjustments may correct misalignment and prompt the nerves to begin functioning in a normal way.

All the healing comes from you with chiropractic giving you a helping hand.

Precise Diagnosis for Advanced Care

Our practice is also the only one  in the area to offer the advantage derived from the collective use of Applied Kinesiology and Homotoxicology–both modalities highly complementary to chiropractic care.  This provides a more accurate and effective way of determining what physical, metabolic or psychological  issues you may have, and gives you a greater chance of a successful treatment.

Your Recovery is Our Goal

If chiropractic isn’t suitable for you or you decide you don’t want to go ahead with a care plan, a referral to another specialist can be made for you. Our priority is to assist you on finding your path to recovery.

Take the first step and give us a call at 027 571 0441 for your initial consultation.