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What is Applied Kinesiology?

Triad of health

A lack of health indicates a chemical, mental or structural imbalance.

We offer the additional diagnostic tool of Applied Kinesiology (AK). This tool was developed in the 1960’s by a medical doctor and chiropractor called George Goodheart. He observed that if he tested a client’s nerve impulses and compared them, he could define muscular imbalances.

According to the Chinese meridian system, every muscle in the body links to a specific organ, gland or to an acupuncture meridian. Therefore, by testing the strength of the muscle, we get an idea of the health of its related organ. Dr Goodheart applied kinesiology to the Chinese meridian system by stimulating nerves at the acupuncture meridian points and found that he could diagnose problems with a high degree of accuracy.

Researchers in the field were later able to compile studies of meridian points that lined up with western descriptions of organ systems or hormonal pathways, providing a scientific explanation as to how stimulating meridian points helps to modify disease.

Applied Kinesiology was really a marrying of the medicinal knowledge of both East and West.

Ensuring Effective Therapy

Muscle test

Testing various muscles of the body (one of your arms is convenient) helps reveal underlying health issues when the muscle goes weak.

Muscle testing can also identify chapman’s reflex points, tiny nodules under the skin. These nodules were thought to be caused by inflammation but they are also detected when muscular imbalances are present. Therefore, by identifying chapman’s reflexes through Applied Kinesiology, you can identify changes in muscle tone.

By measuring changes in muscle tone you can also establish whether or not the chiropractic therapy you have given was effective. The technique provides a diagnostic tool box for the chiropractor with almost limitless possibilities as to what he can investigate.

This will help the client get more out of his chiropractic sessions and he may recover faster if the chiropractor can more accurately determine the cause of his illness or dysfunction.

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