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What is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is a scientifically proven and extensively researched practice that views the cause of disease in the body as an accumulation of toxins.  Disease results from a series of reactions initiated by the self-healing mechanism of the body to either eliminate the toxin or control its biological effects.   Therefore, disease is either the physical body’s way of waging a defense in order to purge toxins, or an attempt of the organism to compensate if elimination is not possible.

Homotoxicology was developed in the 1960’s by a homeopath and doctor, named Reckeweg.  It is similar to homeopathy, in that it uses diluted toxins to stimulate a healing response within the body. Unlike standard homeopathy, however, homotoxicology uses stronger toxins so you get more of the product in the preparation.

Most importantly, homotoxicologic preparations differ from the action of pharmaceutical medicines–which serve to suppress an action or symptoms suffered by the patient. Rather than suppressing normal bodily function, homotoxicology aims to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself by assisting it to repair at a cellular level.

Blending Science and Nature

Homotoxicology is an integrated therapy that is really a blend between traditional homeopathy and medical science. It mirrors its founder, who practiced with both pharmaceutical and natural medicines to give his patients a truly integrated approach.

Homotoxicology stimulates the immune system and can help you detoxify from environmental toxins that may impair your nerve function and therefore, your health. As it strengthens the immune system, it may ease symptoms of illness that result from cellular activity and are created from within ourselves.

The more efficiently our immune systems can respond to challenges, the fewer symptoms we should have. People with fully functioning immune systems may dispatch ailments without even experiencing symptoms at all.

A Safe and Suitable Treatment

Homotoxicology is not harmful, and you cannot be infected by the toxins present in the preparation. As with homeopathy, it is a gentle treatment suitable for most people, as it has been practiced for the last fifty years and is now widely utilized all over the world by a range of holistic practitioners.

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