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What to Expect as a New Patient

Welcome mat

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

Preparing for Your First Appointment

You should wear comfortable, loose clothing to your appointment. This will allow for an easier examination. You will have to lie down on an examination table. For women, it may be a good idea to avoid short skirts and dresses to preserve your modesty.

Please allow a minimum of half an hour for your first appointment with us.

While You are Here

Initially, you will be asked to fill out some health questionnaires so that we can take a detailed health history from you. This helps us build a picture of your overall health, the issues that are going on for you and why you were compelled to seek chiropractic care. We will also listen to any concerns you have about the symptoms or problems you are having and address any worries you might have.

If indicated, we will draw up a care plan with your agreement. If you aren’t in agreement or we feel we aren’t the right practitioner for you, we can refer you on to other chiropractors or recommend a different kind of therapy.

If after consultation and examination, we think your symptoms merit medical intervention (for instance, if you have had a recent trauma) we can refer you to have an X-ray or other diagnostic test at hospital.

If you and the chiropractor have decided that adjustments would help you, we will do your first adjustment on your first visit.

Will I Need Further Appointments?

A common question clients have is, “Will I have to keep being adjusted if I have done it once?”

The answer is, it’s purely up to you. Some clients only come in for a specific problem and once that is resolved, they don’t come back. Some come in only when they think they need an adjustment and others come in regularly for ‘top up’s’.

Good spinal health is vital for the normal functioning of the nervous system and therefore, for maintaining overall health. As regular adjustments promote the health of every major organ system, we recommend them as an important part of a healthy lifestyle regime.

Call us today at 027 571 0441 and invest in a new, healthier you!