Advanced Biostructural Correction

Advanced Biostructural Correction is a full-body, manual protocol-based method of correcting and optimising the biomechanics of the human skeletal framework. Its focus is aimed at detecting and correcting biomechanical misalignments that the body cannot self-correct. This situation usually occurs because in such conditions there is no muscle, or combination of muscles, that can pull the skeletal structure in the alignment required. Hence, the body twists and contorts because it must now use other muscles, pulling in other directions, in order to compensate.

Over time, with many such misalignments and compensatory changes, your posture deteriorates and symptoms can develop. These symptoms cover the myriad of conditions seen daily in chiropractic practice. The importance of posture should, therefore, not be underestimated. Indeed, today, more and more professionals are beginning to understand the striking influence of postural mechanics on function and symptomatology and that posture affects and moderates every physiologic function, from breathing to normal hormonal production.

When correctly applied, ABC practitioners world-wide frequently observe consistent and predictable improvements in postural stability, marked by the ability of the patient’s body to stay more “effortlessly upright”. Moreover, due to the influence of postural balance on human physiology and function, patients frequently report improvements in other areas, such as pain levels, improved mobility and ease of breathing.

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