Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is perhaps unique, in that it recognises that appropriate body mechanics, biochemistry and emotional wellbeing are fundamental to optimal health. It is an interdisciplinary approach to health care which draws together the core elements of complementary modalities, creating a more unified approach to the diagnosis and correction of functional illness. AK was developed in the 1960’s by Dr. George Goodheart, a medical doctor and chiropractor.

Every muscle in the body links to a specific organ, gland or system. Hence, specific muscle testing can be used as a as a neurologic evaluation of body function. Trained professionals use this feedback system to aid in the diagnosis of functional imbalance—structural, chemical or emotional—as well as to determine when effective correction has been achieved.

AK also utilises functional assessment measures, such as posture and gait analysis, manual muscle testing, ranges of motion and static palpation. These assessments are used in conjunction with standard methods of diagnosis, such as health history, physical examination and instrumentation to develop a clinical impression of the unique neurophysiological condition of each patient.

This clinical impression is used as a guide for the application of a range of appropriate conservative therapeutics, such as chiropractic adjustment or mobilisation of the joints, myofascial therapies, cranio-sacral techniques, meridian therapy, nutrition and dietary consultation and general health counselling.

The ultimate aim is to help you get more out of your chiropractic sessions and enable you to recover faster.

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey towards optimum health?