Diversified Technique

The primary therapeutic tool utilised by doctors of chiropractic is the spinal adjustment. A specific type of thrust called the ‘pisiform contact’ thrust is delivered manually to adjust a joint and restore normal neurologic function to the area.

The Diversified Chiropractic Technique is one of the most commonly practiced techniques among chiropractic professionals worldwide. It is, in fact, the standard technique used by universities and chiropractic colleges when teaching trainee chiropractors.

Diversified is so-named because the technique utilises a variety of adjustment and mobilisation methods taken from other popular techniques such as Gonstead, Thompson, and Toggle Recoil. The key element here is that only the most effective and proven aspects of other techniques are used. Another common characteristic of Diversified is a high-velocity, low-amplitude adjustment, also known as HVLA.

Even though HVLA chiropractic adjustment style may be common, it is not always necessary. Depending on the patient, if adjustments are part of the treatment program, low-velocity, low-amplitude (LVLA) and high-velocity, high-amplitude (HVHA) adjustments may also be implemented.

A diversified chiropractor will consider the patients’ goals and medical history during an initial examination to determine what type of treatment style may be best. That is, spinal adjustment is only a single tool in a diversified chiropractor’s tool bag. Some of the other techniques used to produce results include mobilisations, soft tissue work, instrumentation, exercise instruction, and patient education. The best results are achieved by truly understanding each patient needs and tailoring a treatment program to reach their functional movement goals with as little visits as possible.

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