Budo Seitai

Seitai is a form of healing which uses the body's own natural restorative properties. Rather than relying on outside sources, it directly addresses the natural state of the individual on all levels—physical, mental and spiritual—where the mind-body is self-managing in the dynamic continuum of health. It is comprised of a combination of traditional healing practices from Japan.

Budo refers to a way of life, focused on personal cultivation and growth, modelled around the transcendent aspects of martial arts. The martial way recognises the holistic nature of humans. That is to say that we are much more than physical bodies. We have thoughts, feelings and intuitions that impact upon and direct our physical lives. Mind and body are considered to be one contiguous entity. Therefore, physical effort will impact upon one’s mental outlook and function. And mental effort, similarly, affects the physical body. Beyond this, being a species of aspiration, we recognise that the body is much more than the mere sum of its parts. These are the points that define the model of body, mind and spirit.

Hence, Budo Seitai is a healing method of returning the body to its true natural state, utilising the breadth of martial arts principles and concepts. It teaches that everything in the body is connected. Therefore, focus is not upon an individual symptom alone, per se, but also on the way in which it interacts with the other systems of the body.

Each person’s body has its own particular makeup and resting state, in which it functions best. The goal of budo seitai is, first, to become familiar with one’s natural condition and learn to maintain it. And, second, to identify the appropriate intervention, when needed, to restore their own true state—without outside interference.

The scope of budo seitai study and practice is vast, but particular areas of interest include: